# Caitlin is now represent by Toni Collard Actor Management.

#Caitlin is currently the Company Manager of Quantum Theatre as well as the Swing for a tour of 'Macbeth'

#Summer 2021 brought a busy period as part of Heartbreak Theatre's Repetory team- performing 'Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Wonders With Grimm'

#  Caitlin worked  with Reflex Theatre as part of the Living Digital Theatre Festival through Feb 2021


# Fingers crossed! Things are looking promising for the contracts from Summer 2020 being moved to 2021!!

# Pre-pandemic, Caitlin finished performing in two repertory productions; 'The Calculating Mr One' and 'A Christmas Carol' with Quantum Theatre.


# During  Summer 2019, Caitlin worked on a series of Site Specific productions with Exquisite Folly Theatre... This included cycling around Hyde Park whilst performing a musical! 

# New Skill Alert! Caitlin is now working with Southwark Gymnastic Clubs to improve her Tumbling Skills!


# After the trailer dropped this week, Caitlin is eager to hear her work on her first Audio Drama : Coexistence. (Available now on Spotify)

Link to trailer

#New Skill Alert! Through her day job, Caitlin is developing her Makaton communication and is hoping to bring it into future family shows!